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    Silane guard  – review – priceThe main component of the glass liquid is alcalinosolución of potassium silicate and sodium silicate. To interact with the air, the solution review  will dry quickly, but the resulting film is easily dissolved with water. To prevent this from Silane guard happening, items are added to the impervious and insoluble to the solution: magnesium, price calcium, aluminum, and others. The exact composition is not revealed by the manufacturers. One of those means is a polished “liquid glass”. Its main objective is to create a review  coating invisible that it is not affected by the effects of water and temperature changes, but at the same time to preserve the metal and the painting of the body of destructive Silane guard influences. When using a car in the body, inevitablementehay a few chips, price small scratches, there is a destruction of a covering of paint and varnish.

    What is Silane guard? – is it bad for you? – safe – side effects

    What is Silane guard? – is it bad for you? – safe – side effectsHide minor damage to the layer of the body, without re-painting. There is a large amount of car cosmetics for the processing external to the machine.One of those tools is side effects the polished, the baseque is a liquid crystal Self What is Silane guard?  after treatment with such a composition will become unrecognizable. The polished right, will safe return the layer of paint to your integrity above, will give a bright side effects shine and eye-catching.Before using the enamel “Líquidovidrio “, the car must be cleaned  is it bad for you? thoroughly of dirt. In addition to the usual washing, it is necessary to pay attention to the elimination of the What is Silane guard? substances of polishing safe previously used. This will help to the special compounds of degreasing. The polishes for automobiles are produced in  is it bad for you? diferentesopciones side effects for dark and light shades. Comes with a special sponge to apply the composition, protective gloves, a couple of towels to Polish the surface of the body, instructions.

    Silane guard –  ingredients – pure – beauty product – composition

    Silane guard –  ingredients – pure – beauty product – compositionThe use of gloves is mandatory, since after the product to dry on the skin, it will not be possible to wash with water.Car body polishing can be carried out both in summer and in winter. The body wash and dry it comes with a special ingredients  cleaner, which is sold separately from the polishing. Allows you to remove the film of lacquer pure remaining on the surface and finally cleaning the car.Using beauty product the sponge provided, a esmaltecapa thin, small patches, avoiding omissions. The spots where you applied the glaze in a thick layer will be different in the general fund and can even get white.After ingredients  applying the product, it needs time to dry: it is composition approximately 20 minutes. After that, the body is cleaned with a towel yellow included in the kit. After another 20 minutes, the car finally pure polished with a towel to the green kit. After all the work done, beauty product you’ll need a day for the final hardening of the coating.To increase composition the useful life of the glass “liquid” freshly applied, it is not recommended to clean the car for approximately two weeks. This time is sufficient to create a protective layer reliable.

    Silane guardsupplements – dosage – results – contraindications

    After using the car Polish “Liquid Glass”is a thin film, but very reliable which is ready to protect it from dust, moisture, abrasive particles, and ultraviolet dosage   radiation. Its action lasts for quite a long time, six months to a year. This period is Silane guardsupplements directly dependent on the operating results conditions of the machine, the intensity of the washing, of the season. After a year and a half, the layer still dosage protects the monument from the dirt. It is not possible to see any change in the contraindications color of the decorations, covered with silica. The protection of monuments and buildings will probably be one of the basic applications of the headgear. The buildings Silane Guard spilled can be easily cleaned with Silane guardsupplements warm water, without the use of chemicals. After each symbol, there will not be the slightest trace. The turks were so impressed by the success of Miletus, to want to impregnate soon this mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk, in Ankara. Those who are interested in the invention are also institutions that deal with results monuments and graves of soldiers in Britain. Silane Guard is a product contraindications of a company that produces cosmetics for the cars, the history of which has more than 50 years. At that time, the company has opened branches in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and in the suburbs of Tokyo.

    Where can you buy Silane guard– who sells ? Amazon – Walmart – cost – pricing

    Willson Co. LTD produces and offers to its customers a wide range of products for car care, including liquid glass WILLSON GLASS BODY-GUARD, detergents, shampoos, accessories for washing, preparations for the Where can you buy Silane guard restoration of the coatings.Today in Japan, the production is carried out with the mark Willson and is a leader in the sale of cosmetics to the carSilane Guard of the who sells ? Amazon molten glass, the polymeric film, silicone, reinforced cost with silicon dioxide (SiO) reliably prevents minor scratches, to the aggressive action of the reagent salt in the winter, and shampoo strongly alkaline, washing the contactless used. The technology involves the use of Where can you buy Silane guard silicon dioxide (silica): one of the chemical who sells ? Amazon  compounds most found on Earth (found in sand), which is also Walmart harmless. The researchers of the New Materials Institute of Saarbruecken pricing had the idea of covering the surfaces with a layer of silica is from 15 to 30 particles (500 times thinner than cost a human hair). Using the silicon dioxide without any additive. As they explain, thanks to the Walmart forces of quantum mechanics, an invisible layer is formed, pricing which is harmless, flexible and permeable to oxygen. The membrane is also hydrophobic, i.e. it does not absorbs water.


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